martes, 11 de octubre de 2011

LetSave project

This project is the most customized online store. We have a huge list of products to offer (sell at a discounted price) for people with different tastes: from adventure and backpackers plans to relaxing ones; from concerts to museums tickets; from electronic to cosmetics products.

The goal is to customize as maximum as possible the kind of offers shown in the website. And how LetSave does it? Your old choices are recorded to obtain your profile. LetSave show you a few questions to answer (about your age, your interests, your profession) to improve your profile. You can have friends in LetSave and we offer to you the same products that your friends chose, or similar ones. Gradually your LetSave’s wall will become in a portal that will talk about your tastes and your personality.

Another way to customize the store is installing an Android application that follow your wherever you go and registry the places you visit. Then it could offer you related things from the places you have visited or better prices.

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