martes, 11 de octubre de 2011

MyTour project

Imagine that you’re on vacation in a foreign city and you haven’t had time to inform about the interesting things to visit. Or imagine that you’re in your own city and a foreign friend has come to visit you. Of course, in both situations you can go to the truism office and ask there. But maybe you’ll end visiting the same places that everybody and you don’t like this kind of truism because you’re a bohemian. Another possibility is to try with MyTour!

In MyTour project you can find all kind of routes, from long distances to short ones; from cultural to pleasure; from climbing to boat ride. All routes are presented with a map (GoogleMaps). You can find the outstanding places pointed on the map, with photos and annotations. If you’re hungry you can look for the map recommendations for eating. You can also find videos (for example about celebrations or rituals) pointed on the map.

All this information is classified by different manners: subject, distance, age, recommendation…

MyTour is a project where every person can collaborate; uploading their own maps with their own descriptions and photos.

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