martes, 11 de octubre de 2011

EETACAPP: EETAC Mobile Application Project

The EETAC mobile application project consists in design a useful tool for most students and teachers of EETAC campus. This application gives an integration of "foursquare", "twitter" and "facebook". In addition adds new features as indoor positioning, indoor routes calculation and marking interesting points in indoor (paintings, posters, sculptures, collectibles, …). All this can be shared and commented using facebook.

The application has a part of "Last news" where the recent twits of "EETAC" are shown. The information about places (classrooms, laboratories, …) are detected automatically and the user can select and view where are situated inside the campus (using detailed maps). Another part of the application is calculating the shortest route to a specific classroom or laboratory (using detailed maps and indications).

The school directory is available in the application and the user can search the telephone, office, e-mail and other information about the faculty.

The indoor positioning allows more precision when the user shares their position in "fourscuare" and the resolution will be the few meters.

The several posters or decorative elements of the campus can be marked, photographed, commented and shared. For each one a discussion can be created and each user can give their opinion.

Another part of the application gives the activities that are carried out in each classroom or laboratory.

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