lunes, 10 de octubre de 2011

Saraswati project.

Saraswati is the goddess of knowledge, music, arts, science and technology. Then, she is the perfect protector for a personal online music platform and her name was given to the project.
This project takes place in the current stream to find a new model to listen music. Free without being illegal. The product has to aim at 2 goals: provide a personnal music and offer a community service. Indeed, community is the key word in our days. Moreover, music is often better when shared, listened together, commented and suggested. Saraswati should be able to do these 4 actions:       
  • sharing
  • group listenning
  • chat
  • suggestion from friends
The second main idea of Saraswati is the personnal aspect. To avoid legal issues, Saraswati is designed as a "web-radio". That implies some rules, here are the main ones:
  • stream music
  • you cannot know the following songs before you play them
  • you cannot backward
  • you cannot use the same artist too often
If these rules are respected, you are under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act and you don't have to pay royalties.

The biggest down-side of this is that you can not forecast the music you are going to listen: no choice? Then, the solution from 8tracks ( is to let people creates and listen mixes with only a short description to make their choice. The other solution, from Saraswati, is to design a merging of your taste (you can rank every song you are listening, or the artist), the place you are, the time and the day (you probably do not want to listen the same kind of music Sunday morning than at the gym). Then, Saraswati stream the music you enjoy best to you.

The best way to figure out if Saraswati can bring you more advantages than other music services is to make a round of them:
_ (take a USA proxy to access)

Saraswati is a new way to provide every user with the music he likes or he may like.

The Saraswati team.

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