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As we promised, here come the first views of the layout of the EetacApp. Designed using the Cacoo services (https://cacoo.com/) it allows us to continue our brainstorming over solid content. Things will probably evolve a lot before the end of the project, so any suggestion is welcomed.

The main screen of the app:
The blue circle identifies the user, the red pin-point several nearby sites and the orange one a user's friend.
If the user wants to check-in, he reaches the below screen:
Because we think that most of the time, the site he wants to check-in is already existing, the app displays a list of the nearby site, with their names, their description and a photo (the two last ones are optional). 

Nearby sites list.

The user can then select a site and reaches the site's screen: its name, photo, description, a button that provides the check-in function (without leaving the site's screen), the last comments and to easily add his comments.
Site X 's screen.

 If the user wants to register a new site, he reaches the following screen:
on this screen, he can gives the name of the site, add a picture, a description, and register the site once done. Moreover, he can check the position of the site on the map (and maybe correct it?)

An other function of EetacApp is to route its users toward their destination: the user by clicking "Go to" reaches the following screen which provides a list of sites, recent, nearby, favorite ones or other selection.

 Once selected a site, a map is displayed, with a generated route:

Hope that this layout representation has helped you to better grab the concept of EetacApp!

Let's add that a calendar functionality providing to the user its next classroom could appeared.

The BASTET-team !

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