lunes, 14 de noviembre de 2011


Today, we will display the last conceptual version of our application. What it will provide to you, the user. How you can use it.

First, an user will not be able anymore to create new site. After sparkling discussions, we precise our definition of a "site": it is an spatially localized area centered around a point which position is know with the best precision possible. Therefore, anything of interest cannot be be a "site". In order to preserve liberties to the user, he will be able to create discussions linked to a site.To do so, the comments about a site are thought as a main thread of comments directly related with the "site" as its whole; new threads of comments can be created from the "site", based on a photo upload by a user at the "site" or a question (first new comment). Here is a layout to give you a visual understanding of our wishes.

Above you can see a "site" screen. It displays the name, a description and a photo of the site in the top part, with also a check-in/favorite button.
Just under, you can find a gallery of pictures linked to the site. By clicking one of them, the user, you, reaches a screen displaying the photo and a new thread of comments:
As always, things could change :)

The Bastet-team.

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