miércoles, 26 de octubre de 2011

EetacApp: the chosen one!

Hi !

The project is going forward and we have already chosen the service that we will develop. The BASTET-team will provide to people working or studying in the Castelldefels campus an application for routing and sharing comments: the EetacApp !
By several aspects, it will looks like Foursquare, but dedicated to the inner campus.
  • A user can "check-in": tell to the application where he is (localisation, defination of a site, etc.)
  • A user can ask how to go to a registered site and the EetacApp returns a map.
  • A user can comment about a site, creating or completing a list of comments.
A site is anything of interest that can be geo-localizated.

We will describe in the currents days with more precision the functions of the EetacApp.

You can already see the alpha version of the Android application layout.

The BASTET-team.

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