martes, 24 de enero de 2012

Welcome to EetacApp!



We are very please to see you here. To use the QR codes put on the different rooms' gates inside the Eetac, you will need the Eetac Application. You can download it at this personal server (v2), or if you prefer, also from the QR code attached.

This application provides services as a map and a routing tool to a class room but also comments or pictures. Note that this release is an alpha version, so it is more likely to find bugs. We want to know which has been your experience of use and errors found.

Inasmuch as the server is one of our own machines, access to it may not be 24 hours a day. So, if you're trying to use the application and the login or registration process does not respond, it's because the server is off. So, try it again later!

Feel free to browse the blog if you want to know more about the developing process.

UPDATE: New release that solves many bugs (we had some bugs in the server side also). Now it seems to work great!

Comments, feedbacks and suggestions on Twitter: #eetac_app

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